*****If this is the first time you are playing on a modded server, please follow the instructions below!*****


If you are updating the mod pack and configs because of an update, please delete all of your mods and configs first!  Then download the new mods and configs, and paste in the new ones.  Otherwise, the update will fail!


First, I’d like to thank you for your interest in playing on the Phy-Topia Network. For those of you not aware of what a forge server is, you are in for quite a treat! Forge is a client/server mod that allows for customizations that aren’t native to vanilla minecraft. It goes beyond standard plugins and adds customizations that you couldn’t dream of! Many of our normal users requested such a feature, and are so excited with the launch of the Phy-Topia Networks’ Modded servers.


The first thing that you need to do is to download the forge installer. You can download that *here*.  Alternatively, you can go to the forge website and download it yourself.  Please note, it’s hard to update every source we use on which build is currently being used on the YouTube server!  Sooooo… the latest version will always be on the main page on the right side!  


Once you have it downloaded, open that file. The installer asks which version you would like to install. Choose the “CLIENT” version. It’s a pretty quick installation 😀


After it’s installed, you want to load up minecraft to make sure that it installed properly. You will need to add a new profile, specifically 1.12.2 forge.


Select Forge for your profile and click play. When you click play, it will populate the minecraft folder with the proper folders to install mods. Don’t install the mods until you run this once, because until you do, the folders needed won’t be generated.


NOTE – In order to play on the forge server, you must have the SAME mods and SAME configs that the server has, or it will not let you connect.


If you are going to playing on the Phy-Topia YouTube Server, – please go *here* and follow the instructions.