Phy-Topia Pixelmon

If you are here, I am assuming that you have already downloaded the forge client and installed it as per the instructions from *this* page.  If you haven’t, please go to the downloads page and download and install the forge client.
Here its going to get a little wonky for different users.  Those of you using a MAC – you have into:
  • Library
    • Application Support
      • minecraft folder

Windows users can use the find option in windows, and type in %appdata%.  This automatically opens your Roaming folder.  In there, you should see a .minecraft folder.

Once you find your minecraft or .minecraft folder you’ll need to download the mods and configs.  If you have installed forge correctly, you should have a “mods” and “configs” folder.

For the Pixelmon Server, you’ll need to down the mods and configs associated with the Pixelmon Server.  The mod we are currently using is located *here*.  Alternatively, you can go to the pixelmon website and download  the correct version yourself.  Currently, we are using version 5.0.0 – 1.10.2.  Take this .jar and put it into your mod folder.

Currently, Phy-Topia Pixelmon Server only runs one modification that is required for players to download and install themselves (the Pixelmon Mod).  There are quite a few others running but these are for the server only.

Now, some of the default configurations cause conflicts with the newly added item ids.  No worries,-we went through the entire config file and altered the configs so everything works properly.  It’s available for download *here*.  Take this config file and drop it into your config folder.

And, TA-DA! Now you can successfully play on the Phy-Topia Pixelmon server!


Please be aware that the server can and probably will update frequently.  As such, the appropriate downloads will be made available to you.  If you find yourself unable to join the server, please check back to make sure an update hasn’t been completed.  With a server like this, the configuration files will need to continuously be updated so make sure you have the latest config files from Phy-Topia.